Which Climate Change is Best for Michigan?

The climate is a big deal for some constituents. Gossip has it that burning fossil fuels increases the carbon dioxide in the  atmosphere which traps heat, so, they say, our temperature might increase by 2 degrees C (about 3 degrees F) in the next 10, 30 or 50 years. Take your pick. Quite independently, the increased CO2 from burning fossil fuels, or whatever it comes from, has served as a crop fertilizer, diminishes plants’ need for water and has caused entire regions like the Sahel in North Africa to green up.  

But look at this from a broader perspective. The place where I’m sitting right now was at the bottom of 300 feet of ice 12,000 years ago. Thankfully, it all melted due to an unaccountable but very welcome global warming. Some “scientists” assert that the globe warmed up by 16 degrees F since the last (of many) ice ages. We have mixed opinions on whether this welcome warming is continuing. The 3 degrees (maybe) due to man made industrial pollution is small compared to the 16 degrees of the cosmic shift ascribed to the ice age cycle, a unimpressive wave on a vast tide of the ocean sloshing up and down as the globe turns. And we have no idea whether the ice age warming is continuing to wax or whether it is waning. We could be staring at another ice age for all that climate “scientists” know.

We in Michigan live in a harsh climate, a relatively short growing season and freeze thaw cycles that bust up our roads, make cars careen out of control with every freeze and, as I’m reminded of daily in my FB and email feeds, drive retirees who can afford it to migrate to Florida in the Fall.

Portside politicians want to deny us the sun splashed environs that every Michigander fantasizes about.  I’d guess that most of us would be happy if only winters were milder and snow free, say like those in North Carolina or Georgia. Yet the same doctrinaire politicians and environmental fanatics decree that we not build cheap and cost effective gas fired electric power plants and factories here lest we melt ice somewhere. They want to deny us the tools so that we can prosper in our own state.

Why should we worry about any slight warming? The leftist politicians and “scientists” who promise us doom have not accurately predicted our climate in the last 40 years and ignore the the ice age because it clouds their narrative.They predict the future by inventing it. Why let them ruin our lives?  

And why should we vote for guys who cook the future to suit their needs for political power all the while irresponsibly condemning us to globalist inspired poverty?


Paid for by The Committee to Elect Erwin Haas