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Erwin’s Campaign promises.

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  • I’ll question every “expert” moocher who comes to testify. Political and Military “Social Scientists” sent me and 2.8 million other soldiers to Vietnam. I have yet to get an apology from these pretenders. I have scientific, business, legal and life’s experiences in my background, and a visceral dislike of liars. These perfumed whiz kids peddle their self serving political biases and the cowardly Democrats and Republicans nod wisely.   I’ll give you a hint; most of it’s cowflop and shouldn’t be funded.

  • Eliminate the Michigan Strategic Fund. the MEDC, Pure Michigan and other corporate welfare.

  • Legalize marijuana use. It will mean real money for our farmers and small manufacturers. After marijuana is normalized we can push to return to growing industrial hemp as it was before WW2.   Hemp, now legal in Europe and Asia is highly valued as a source of paper, plastic, oils, building materials… Henry Ford showed that it could replace steel for car chassis. Michigan, with our abundant water and level soils needs to get ahead of this. 


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