None of my competitors for this Michigan senate district has any idea of what questions to ask much has the cajones to challenge the hysteria that have been fanned by those who have become co-dependent with PFAS. The following are facts on PFASs, and you should ask the candidates what they know and would do about this issue;

1) The Australians looked at this more closely and find no evidence of toxicity for PFASs.

2) I heard a lecture on this topic at Butterworth by Dr. Bernard Eisenga, the toxicologist on staff there. He did not convince me that PFAS was unusually toxic. The data showed a possible increased incidence of kidney and bladder cancers, but did not delve into confounding issues such as poverty or smoking in the population studied. None of the physicians there could tell whether PFASs might not be healthful from what he presented.

3) The main complaint seems to be that these substances last a long time in nature and, if taken into the body, are eliminated slowly. So what?

No one addressed several ways that PFASs can be destroyed. I dealt with microorganisms for a career so easily found a now 6 year old paper that showed that fungi can break this family of compounds down to simple chemicals that presumably are not even remotely suspected of toxicities.

Where have you heard about this considered opinion elsewhere?

BTW, Oil is also broken down and becomes food for plants and animals. You can easily find articles on “oil digesting bacteria” by Googling this title.

4) My background in biology and chemistry (the MD) makes it impossible for me to believe that organic chemicals like PFAS are not degraded by other environmental factors; air and especially sunlight usually have properties of destroying complex organic compounds. Plants probably take these chemicals up and possibly store them in wood or leaves which removes them from our detection or concern. They may break them down to smaller parts.

5) “Keep the yokels scared and the money never stops.” is a quote from Mencken. Toxicologists, fanatical environmentalists, lawyers, second rate publishers and writers need the shekels!! There is a loud population of perpetually and professionally sick who have had Lyme disease, the ones who are bombarded with electronic signals and who are intolerant of petroleum products who will now be able to bore their friends and neighbors, burden their doctors and visit far off quacks about their exposures to PFAS. It might be the Agent Orange of the millennial generation.

6) And finally, Teflon is made with PFOA, and is similar to PFASs. I make bacon and eggs daily with a Teflon pan and sprayed some on the chains on our bikes just two days ago.

Yet I survive.

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