Controlling Experts in the Bureaucracy.

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Legislators and governors no longer much influence how we are governed; that role is now played by the entrenched bureaucracies who variously bully, ignore, or out fox our elected officials. The latter are usually well meaning but “team players” who don’t have the intellectual background or the confidence (they want to keep their jobs until termed) to call the bluffs of the nomenklatura.

The civil services depend on “experts” and on beliefs that simply lack “scientific” or reproducible underpinnings; in other areas they believe in fantasies that end up screwing everyone. I have the chemistry, physics, business, accounting, statistical, the skepticism about my fellow men and shear fearlessness (I’m too old to care) to ask embarrassing questions from these frauds, I’d love to film these ¬†encounters during hearings and then publish them on the web, local tv and the like. The effect would be devastating. We’d get rid of a lot of deadwood in Lansing.


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