The MDEQ; Polluting our Water in Pursuit of What?

” The DEQ is evaluating whether the water is safe to drink, but also whether extracting more from the spring aquifer will harm the environment. “


The environmental religion here dictates “recharging the aquifers” or bringing water tables back to some imagined ideal. This  leads to the  tragic consequences in which environmental-“Green” fantasies poison peoples’ wells.

To illustrate;


There were 50-70 homes around the Knapp’s corner in NE Grand Rapids that suddenly found that their well water which they used in their homes started tasting like Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. Further investigation showed a high level of salt (NaCl.) This was ultimately traced to “a detention pond” that the DEQ and other environmentalists had demanded be installed in the ditches and pipes that drained storm water from the buildings and parking lots from the Meijer and other businesses in that shopping center. During the winter this water was saturated with rock salt used to melt ice on these paved surfaces. The detention pond retained this salty water and allowed it to percolate into the aquifer, so poisoning the wells of private homes and businesses in the neighborhood. I found at least one ten year old academic study from the University of Minn. documenting how detention ponds contaminate ground water with salt. They are known to contaminate water supplies yet the DEQ and environmental groups continue to demand that we build detention ponds, swales and wetlands.


But why would anyone want to detain or keep the water flowing from a paved surface in Michigan?  Some claim that it diminishes the flooding of the creeks and rivers downstream. That’s nonsense. Paved and water impervious surfaces represent possibly 2% of the land area in the USA and contribute only slightly in the increased flow in draining streams.


The real reason is that the environmental lobby wants to “refill the aquifers” and bring the “water tables back” to some imagined ideal that existed before, let’s say, 1800, when Michigan was a malarial and yellow fever infested swamp,  you know, the ideal “wetlands.”


And so, as in this story, the DEQ (the bunch who messed up Flint’s water supply) and environmentalists intend to do good but end up destroying real people’s lives. The 70 homeowners around Knapp’s corners are being forced to hook up to chlorine tasting city water should have a legal case against the city and state that imposed retaining water in their neighborhood. A bulldog plaintiff’s lawyer might make a lot of money taking the phonies and deluded believers in “going back to nature” to court. Makes me almost love the plaintiff’s bar.

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