Socialist Realism in Kentwood



I took this pic in, I believe Yaruslav, one of prettiest places on our tour of Russia. The foreground is made of cement, classic Socialist realism. (It was 2 days before Victory Day, one of their biggest national holidays, so the flowers.) In the background, a classic Russian Orthodox church, probably 300 years old, built by a merchant to commemorate his good fortune. Which do you think will last?
I use this to illustrate city and other government planning. We in Kentwood are afflicted with the bland, the cheap, what a bureaucrat views as safe and so “grants” a building permit.

Our city’s motto; “Let’s not celebrate wealth, creativity or the disturbing. We need rows of apartment buildings, endless ranch houses and factories built the way the planners let them be built.”

Banish all threats to the city’s master plan!

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