I Do the Heavy Lifting for Our Parks Service

My wife and I live in the public space. We bike almost daily (we would hike but there was a dead crow in front of the place last week and I’ve not seen a blue jay all summer; West Nile is around and the only person that I know who died of it was a 73 year old physician; uncomfortably close, so this geezer is off long walks with exposed skin for now.)
In any case, we bike 20-35 miles and have 4 favorites, all on rails to trails or public roads.

Last Friday, in need of variety, we tried the White Pine. Good trail, but very crowded, even on a weekday.
On Labor Day Saturday we tried the Paul Henry and East West trails in Kentwood. I thought that the trails were pleasantly busy, but not scenic or long enough; Kris though them too busy. It was a holiday weekend, so being used is OK.

I thought I’d film the parks of Kentwood since most are adjacent to the trails but had only my android phone, but what powerful toy! I edited the complex result on phone that evening and uploaded it to Youtube that evening, soliciting comments from some trusted friends. I then did the definitive editing on my Mac, Here’s the result;

As we filmed the parks along the trails, it became obvious that a trend was developing and Kris suddenly became enthusiastic about filming the entire melange; she stared like a mouse hypnotized by a snake, so I have video on 15 of the parks, taken at a time when they should have been mobbed.
I’d been asking for data on park use for 3 years and been ignored. Kris and my spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon and got the answers for the Parks Department and for the commission at no expense to the taxpayer and learned a lot about smartphones.

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