I just commented on an Economist article on US gun control.


Orlando is being spun as a gun control propaganda opportunity. What really seems to have occurred is that a Moslem, supported by his family, wantonly murdered 49 mostly gay and Hispanic men and women-call it terrorism.

The speakers here have a number of problems. The main gun that was used was not an “assault weapon” but rather a semiautomatic rifle, the kind that my uncles used to hunt deer back in upstate NY when I was a kid. And he used not an AR15 but rather a Sig Sauer.

The authors also have no idea about why the 2nd amendment was introduced into our Bill of Rights. The founders had just rebelled-kicked out foreign riffraff- and knew that their own republic might need a similar enema somewhere down the road. The people needed the arms to overthrow their governments if that were necessary.
Furthermore, the founders knew that arms in the hands of the public could bully politicians to do the right thing-to correct lesser corruptions. In this latter case, 300 million guns in private hands serve to keep politicians from flaunting their bent ways; they occasionally get caught out in political scandals, and the unspoken but ever present force of arms ensures honest law enforcement to correct their errors.
The bullying effect also constantly weighs on politicians who would deprive us of the sharp teeth in the 2nd amendment that enforces our Bill of Rights.
The unspoken “existential phenomenology” in the USA is that we’ll let Democrats and foreigners whine and fantasize about how they’ll take away 300 million small arms. The truth here on the ground is that US politicians are terrified of the civil unrest that such a foolish move would unleash. They’ll grandstand to comfort some of their supporters and in the shadows zealously avoid passing those laws.

Arms in the hands of the people leads to occasional tragedies. Unarmed people suffered WWI, WWII, the unpleasantnesses of the Great Leap forward and the killing fields, poor unarmed individuals led the slaughter, defenselessly, by armed men.

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