Ramming Kentwood into More Debt, Raising Taxes by the Back Door

We got the Parks and Recreation Commissioners’ minutes for the last 3 months in the latest city commission packet. We’ve been missing a lot more than just delayed reports.

The commissioners are Emily Bridson, Bob Coughlin, Brian Dickey, Mimi Madden, Dustin Moseley, Kevin Small and Chair Bob Jones. Mr. Terry Schweitzer of planning is usually present at their meetings. Mark Rambo, Deputy City Administrator was there in March, the laying on of hands by our City Hall so to speak.

It seems that there are actual plans to replace the Kent Activities Center (KAC) on 48th and to spend more money on other recreation opportunities for “new families” and “new businesses” that will be moving to Kentwood. (And the whole time I thought that we were merely serving the same old long suffering taxpayers and shopworn residents, shame on me.)

The Parks and Rec Commission has been using Federal Community Block Grants, DNR, and some of the money left over from a now expired parks millage to fund new acquisitions and upgrades, and doing just fine. The operational money comes from the city’s general fund and I’m told that we will be in surplus as we pay down our bonds.

The Parks and Recreation Commission envisions expansion of facilities although the amount land in Kentwood hasn’t changed in 5 decades and the city is thought to be 90% “built out.” It’s hard to justify expansion if the supply of park services has been adequate for 50 years; do they think that our aging population want more grassland on which to play soccer or to jog?

There is a saving grace of caution in these minutes that comes from City Hall. I have been asking for data documenting how much our parks and rec facilities are actually used since I was elected in 2013. Are they near capacity, or are they, as my personal observations seem to show, almost abandoned? The Paul Henry Bike Trail that my wife and I did on the Fourth of July was busy enough but not long enough for serious biking. (We were really put off by the traffic along 60th Street and it’s hard to see where this path could be expanded to make it more natural.) We saw a half dozen small parks along the way, all empty on the biggest summer holiday of the year.

Mark Rambo in addressing the Commissioners’ request for guidance in borrowing the money for their new projects, suggests being sure that there is a need for more recreational facility and providing documentation.  If we need to renew the Parks Millage we should know how much is needed, and for what.  The Commission needs to identify activities that are missing in the Kentwood area that the public can’t get when it flocks to Planet Fitness and MVP voting with their own money.

Our Parks and Rec department read the statistically flawed, push-poll-generated parks study from 2 or 3 years ago and apparently wants to rush us past the gritty Kentwood realities to get to some sort of promised land that might be valid in California or in the minds of academic dreamers who state that a community needs a swimming pool for every 20,000 residents. (Where do these numbers come from?)

Just as our police use crime data to focus their resources , the Parks and Rec commission need to show usage, picnic tables occupied by families on holidays, kids playing sandlot baseball on weekday afternoons and young couples watching birds and flowers in nature preserves ere we pile yet more debt and the taxes on our indebted populace to pay for this stuff.

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