Investing in Kentwood

I was mentioned in the local rag today because I gave two candidates a few bucks for their commission races. The money is not charity, but rather is an investment in Kentwood. I can trust both of my two candidates to hew to ordinary laws and contracts that protect private property. Neither is enamored by planning, the notion that we need government to tell us what we may do with our property. We bought a condo in Fox Chase that has lost a lot more money in the last 10 years than my donations; the hope is that a muzzled planning function in Kentwood will allow for improved real estate prices in Kentwood, and reflexively help our property.

The problem with city planning and zoning (according to the economist) is the misallocation of resources when land is not allowed to find its best use by the price mechanism. There are also issues with delaying projects as they ooze through the bureaucracy, the influence that important people play in making decisions and the hard feelings of losers in this political charade (to wit, myself.)

Hopefully my donations will help spread the message about the damage wrought by this miniature kind of central planning. The usual objections to castrating planning is that “someone will build a steel mill next door.” But experience shows that only the planner can be so aloof enough to ignore the needs and wishes of residents and abet the steel mill. I prefer the chaos of the unplanned messy market to the dullness and stagnation a synthetic scam.

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