Are We Dealing in Actual Trucks, or in Depreciated Trucks, the ones without Shadows?

At the last meeting we were asked to spend $600,000 to replace three heavy duty trucks used for snow plowing and maintenance around the city. One truck was obviously kaput, 20 years old and more often in the shop than out working. The other two were 10 years old and had 150k miles on the drive train. Heavy duty, over the road trucks, go for 700,000 miles and the useful life of these machines seemed short, so I questioned it.

Apparently, they are used in salty work and so the chassis and bed are corroded. But over the road trucks also are spattered with road salt, so that should not make any difference.

My problem arises in what I suspect is the 10 year old depreciation schedule that may have been assigned to these vehicles, and that this plus the city’s perceived liquid position is driving the demand for replacement. I’m going to ask tonight about how many hours or cost of maintenance each vehicle requires per year. If it’s less than $20k, then we are paralleling the depreciation schedule and should forebear.

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