Bacon Davis, Free Choice, the Public Weal. The City Commission is not Inert and I Answer a Bridgemi Assertion.

“The public body is not allowed to consider differences between the quality of the bids”-bridgemi

Nonsense. I just went through my 2 June 15 Kentwood city commission meeting packet looking for bids on projects that our city funded, namely buying park equipment, fixing up some buildings and the like. Costs were in the $2000-60,000 range so relatively small potatoes- contractors with a half dozen employees, guys selling stuff made in small shops….
We rejected the low bidder 2/4 times, meaning that we elected to go with slightly more expensive companies, based on our experience with using them, the time it would take for them to complete the job, the helpfulness of the bidder in pointing out inadequacies of the city’s own requirements, etc.

Using the “Davis-Bacon” formulae imposed on the state’s projects increases those hourly costs by 6 or more dollars per hour, and does nothing to protect the taxpayer. In fact, these provisions limit the bids made and the choices available to decision makers at the state and federal levels, interfering with the free markets while granting monopoly powers on one construction union.

Prevailing wage provisions confers on this illegitimately coercing group the the extra money needed to continue to lobby the state legislature, an excellent investment from their point of view. I’d look into the campaign finance and political support of state legislators who vote to retain this relic from the Hoover era to ferret out their motives.

And supporting Bacon-Davs should make the outfit that terms itself “non-partisan, fact-based journalism alive in Michigan” cringe.
Bacon Davis was passed in 1931 at the behest of labor unions seeking to exclude African Americans from competing on federal construction contracts. Is that what you want to protect?

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