Prop 1-15 goes to the Wall, and Voters’ Lists are now Filtered.

One quarter of registered voters came out and they crushed Prop 1-15. The whining by the well-funded losers has started. M-live has already published one of their vapid editorials. Bridgemi pontificates on the choices that they deem the state legislators must consider. But no one has commented on the political implications of who came out to vote and what that means for politicians and future elections.

I’ll note that virtually every “professional” meaning leftist writer, teacher, academician and petty politician at the city and county level publicly supported Prop 1-15. The city commission in Kentwood voted unanimously to support with only Commissioner DeMaagd voicing any reservations. (I was not there for that meeting.)

I’d intuit that the arrogance of this snooty group infuriated the peasants who came out in droves to waylay this crude power grab by their betters. But the trashing that they inflicted on Prop 1-15 is just the short term casualty. The election created a list of voters who were probably fiscally conservative and who were motivated to react to the political highway robbery (really, I just now stumbled on this image) such as Prop 1-15. They will still be outraged by the affront for some years and may well want to punish politicians who aligned themselves with the ballot question. Anyone who has the funds can use the May ’15 voter list to efficiently contact and mobilize an electorate that is primed to help oust office holders who foolishly supported this political cock up..

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