Promoters of 15-1 see Some Solids; Getting Deeper as They Continue to Flush this Clogged Toilet.

Problems not mentioned in the soporific boilerplate surrounding this tax increase include;

Congress, the one in Washington, is close to passing law to help collect internet sales taxes. It will apply the tax at the rate in the sellers state. Internet sales will migrate to low tax rate states, and Michigan will lose whatever internet sales companies now present and forestall any new ones starting here.

The tax will cost each man, woman and child in Michigan 200 per year; Kentwood will contribute 10 million, but we are promised 4 million (tops) back. Not a good deal.

I did a 15 minute search of internet publications on what is presented to the citizens of nearby states about the state of their roads and infrastructure. Without exception I could find adjectives like the “worst roads” and costs of 3-500 dollars per car, the usual scary stuff. It’s interesting that so many can collect under the usually unique superlative like “worst.”

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