Lots of us Crowded into the Superlative and how we get Stoned for Adultery without the Pleasure

Stoned for Adultery without the Pleasure

A state notorious for being the only one with a population loss in the last census, where the dominant industry has migrated to backward Asia and its major city sacked by political opportunists, will probably suffer from a poor self image, an inferiority complex in which any claim for being the worst is likely to fluorish. So it is that the conga line of construction companies, politicians with their media enablers, civil engineer groups and other ectoparasites gain an audience with their campaign to tax us to support their road building projects.

I spent 15 minutes compiling the following internet sites using “Poor roads in State x.” I excluded articles over 5 years old.

Each of these articles cites damage to cars of 3-500 dollars per year, dangerous driving conditions, need for more tax dollars and the general poor condition of “infrastructure.”

Familiar themes on radio and tv? We buy into this nonsense because it makes us happy to be oppressed, to be the greatest victim. We need only pay more taxes to redeem ourselves.

Not much fun, you say, and you’re right. Think of it as being stoned for adultery without the pleasure.

Pennsylvania roads were rated worst overall by Overdrive magazine.  and http://www.tripnet.org/docs/Pennsylvania_TRIP_By_The_Numbers_Report_May_2013.pdf







  • and from Wisconsin; http://www.infrastructurereportcard.org/wisconsin/wisconsin-overview/
  • Wisconsin has 11,095 miles of public roads.
  • Wisconsin has 13,539 miles of major roads, 21% of which are in poor condition.
  • Driving on roads in need of repair costs Wisconsin motorists $2 billion a year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs – $502.10 per motorist.

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