Serious Thoughts on Commerce on South Division, how its Expansion Parallels and Complements that of our Ford Airport.

Published as a comment on Mlive:

Talking about studies that have been cobbled together. Here is one that I generated, and offer gratis; I refuse to let my work be contaminated by pelf.

The prostitutes along So. Division have increased their business by 2 million dollars per year. They attract an additional 5 million of business to local bars and stores, the increased auto traffic from Johns cruising uses one million dollars worth of gas and the indirect costs on the autos is 3 million. There is of course the use of streets that I estimate accelerated the deterioration to the tune of 1 million. Added to this is the increased medical care costs from VD which I recon at 4 million. Then there is the associated crime and need for police; this is serious money, probably 100 million.

So prostitution adds at least 116 million dollars to the West Michigan economy.

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