I have fun with Mackinac; sometimes a Commissioner has to let his Hair down.

The original article is here;


My comment;

No one liked my proposal that the Michigan Film hustle be directed at making pornographic film; I was deeply hurt when one commentator wrote that it wasn’t funny. I need to re-apply myself to recover from the sting.
Mackinac makes arguments that border on the banal; no imagination and little inspiration. Maybe another idea of mine will resurrect their free market pretense.

Fifty million is plenty of money to stimulate the formation of small businesses. We should look to other successful states where there are plenty of jobs and stable industries for patterns that we can emulate. I know that I can grow lemons and limes in my 4 seasons greenhouse on our condo in Kentwood and propose extending this as a venture that the state of Michigan should subsidize.

We in Michigan pay good money to buy lemons and limes from Florida and Texas; we should grow these in Michigan to diminish the outflow of money to the south.
Farmers in areas of the state where it’s difficult to grow corn or soybeans would be encouraged to use these subsidies to erect green houses stimulating construction, consultants, economic activity and rural revitalization in parts of the state that are withering.
Especially exciting is the appeal to humorless leftists as part of a locavore movement. Just think of farmer’s markets featuring yellow lemons and green limes among the limp vegetables peddled by hucksters at these fairs.
Democrats in the state legislature would join all of the Republicans in support of this move by our state toward citrus independence and even, with enough millions, our own export business.
Young college graduates would return from Houston and Pasadena to relax in the weak watery December sun filtering through the glass of a greenhouse, dripping with condensate.
Our governor would no longer have to wait for local cherries or apples; with fruit grown indoors he can go to regional or even national governor’s conferences year round bestowing bushels of golden Michigan lemons on his envious fellows.
Some might object that it’s cheaper to grow citrus outdoors in climes sympathetic to it, but that’s not what’s at issue here. We need to stimulate jobs. Just think about the fellow who anecdotally “knew a lot of people in Michigan who work in the film industry about six months a year, earning more-than-average incomes.” I don’t know how he learned the income of these film makers, but he could now find thousands of illegals picking our exotic fruit and guess at their incomes.

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